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In Expertise We Trust! We became tech-savvy wizards skilled in Web Design, Mobile Apps, Systems Architecture, UX/UI/CX, DevOps & Infrastructure, delivering beautiful and cost-effective solutions as well as driving the results for your clients in a journey of your dreams.

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We build products perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs and desires, delivering quality work, and increasing profits in all of our projects. Embark on your customer journey with us to design the future of your dreams.

Level up online & offline in a unique MMORPG experience!

Gamify your life to level up in the real world! Designed to pour excitement into learning and exercise, the video game uses new technologies, mobile devices, the Internet of Things and Smart City common solutions to encourage positive lifestyle changes beyond the virtual world. The starter pack? Series of medium-long episodes of single-player RPG with elements of adventure gameplay, integrating the gaming environment with IoT and exciting real-life possibilities.

Health & Education powered by Machine Learning

Our team’s software for the American award-winning SaaS platform designed for children with autism and ADHD. Combines the research-supported questions with Machine Learning’s analysis of passive data like location & school attendance to determine risk levels for every child and implement preventive actions. We took the home training progress to the next level, increasing its efficiency by 30%, saving 10 hours per week for providers, and reducing hospital visits.

Free-Roam Arena VR Game

Taking entertainment to a whole new level with an innovative Virtual Reality system equipped with the latest VR headset & a Free-Roam Arena solution. Designed for 4-6 players, the game system perfectly mirrors real-life interactions with others, allowing to fight against other opponents or each other. The solution reduces the time required for calibration and set up by over 50%.

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We are natural innovators and experts focused on extraordinary customer journeys that the users will always remember. We are improving the physical world with the technology in a full symbiosis with the beauty of the creative human touch!

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Health and Education powered by Machine Learning

Being a parent is a 24-hour job, but with my autistic son, it is especially difficult to take a break. When my friend told me about this app, I didn’t hope for much, but now my son’s doing better at school and life’s a little easier.  I can finally spend quality time with him without worrying about his progress!

CEO & Founder

Free-Roam Arena VR Game

Innovation sells, so our website has generated quite a traffic since we decided to go with Oxytocineo. It’s crazy how many people are already interested in Virtual Reality! Luckily, the competition is small, so we’re more than happy to build our position on the market. Our revenue went up, and things are looking good for us!

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